To love one another you must try to understand one another, and to understand you have to be able to communicate. Whether that communications is done in words or in silent action matters not as long as it is done in love, your heart is open and the love flows freely.

Where there is love there are no language barriers for love can be conveyed in action, in a silent look, in the smallest deed, for love is so great it can be felt and sensed and you long for the very best for those you truly love. When you truly love one you can love all…

Only when you have learned to love one another can you hope to go out into the world and help those in desperate need. Compassion towards your fellows is not enough; there must be love, love, and more love.

For where there is love, there am I for I am love; and you are consciously aware of Me and of My presence… Let joy and happiness fill your heart. Realize how mightily blessed you are and give constant thanks for those many blessings which are yours.

When you have found that inner happiness and contentment you will find that you no longer want to live unto yourself but will want to share it with all those with whom you are in contact; and the more you share it the more wonderful it will become. Happiness cannot be suppressed; it cannot be hidden away. It is something that bursts into bloom like a glorious flower in the rays of the sun, so that all can see it and share its beauty.

It does not matter how dark the night may be; always remember that joy comes in the morning as the light breaks through and the sun rises once again revealing itself in its full glory and majesty.

Give constant thanks for the new day – a perfect, unblemished day – and go forth expecting the very best to happen during the day. Know that I go before you to prepare the way; so just keep consciously aware of Me and of My divine presence throughout the day and watch it unfold in true perfection.

Source Excerpts pp. 42 –46 from “Footprints on the Path” by Eileen Caddy. Copyright © Eileen Caddy 1976, 2009. Published by Findhorn Press.