Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (1900-1986) was a Macedonia-born Bulgarian philosopher, pedagogue, alchemist, mystic, magus and astrologer. In 1937 he moved to France where he spent the rest of his life, becoming naturalized shortly before his death.

Become like a spring of water
Pure water wells up in a continuous stream from a natural spring and, even if people try to pollute it by throwing rubbish into it, it continually cleanses itself and washes all the dirt away. A spring is always pure and alive because never, for one moment, does it stop flowing. What better philosophy could you have than that of a spring?

Model yourself on the spring, be like a spring. That is to say: love;  in spite of everything,  never stop the flow of love. Your love will protect you from impurities and suffering;  if someone tries to slander or injure you in some way, you will not even notice it: the stream will simply wash it all away. Keep this picture of the spring that washes away al evils and impurities alive within you; never stop loving and you will no longer suffer.

Live with love
The greatest secret, the most effective method is to love. When you leave your house in the morning, think of greetings all the creatures of the universe. Tell them, “I love you, I love you…” And then go off to work. For the rest of the way, you will feel happy and great-hearted, and your relations with others will be all the easier, because you have started the day by sending your love to every creature in the universe and, from every direction, that love comes back to you.

Share your happiness
There are days when you fell so rich and happy that you float along in a state of bliss. When this happens, do you think of sharing some of your joy with those who are unhappy and in need? You must learn to give something from the abundance you have received, saying, “Dear brothers and sisters throughout the world, I have been given something so marvelous that I want to share it with you all. Take some of this happiness; take some of this light.”

If you don’t want to lose your inner riches, you have to share them with others. What you give in this way will be credited to your account in the banks of heaven, and you will be able to draw on it, later, when you need it. And all these riches will always be within you; no one can take them from you, because you have put them safely away in the vaults of heaven.