How do you express your gratitude in life? Do you rise with the sun and thank the creator for this incredible planet and your wonderful life? Give thanks for the blessings you receive throughout the day? Are you attentive when you express your gratitude to those who help you and do you want to create a balanced energy exchange in the best possible way?

In general, gratitude implies generosity with your time and abundance. These two elements combined are perhaps the greatest determinants of your happiness. Have you ever known someone who was both grateful and generous and unhappy? This rarely occurs. However, if you withdraw gratitude and generosity, what kind of person are you likely to become? The absence of these two elements usually leads to a life of misery and loneliness. Why not make today a day of special gratitude and generosity? By doing so, not only will you ensure joy, but you will also bring a spark of light to everyone you meet.

Ted Murray