There are many activities in our societies that seem of little significance or “unimportant,” but that is such a superficial view of things. It bears repeating that the humblest activity performed with love certainly uplifts the human race more than a high prestige or “important” job performed out of self-interest. Love is the key indispensable ingredient of true progress and the most powerful healing agent on the planet.

We live in a world where so often things are either taken for granted (“After all, it’s her responsibility to do her work well, she’s paid for that”) or our minds are elsewhere than in the present moment.

Yet expressing gratitude for the tiniest things can be such a joy – both for the receiver and the giver, just because so few people do it for things which are supposedly normal and expected.

Personally, I have made a kind of sport of expressing appreciation for the smallest things: telling a cashier at a checkout counter what a beautiful smile she has or someone doing their job, how well they do it. In Switzerland where I live, we have a financial public service run by the postal system called “Postfinance” whose employees are so polite, considerate, helpful that I never fail to express my appreciation, saying e.g. “As you know, we all make phone calls many times to different public service organizations, and the employees at Postfinance are the most courteous and friendly I ever contact.” And I am amazed and moved by the type of responses I get from personnel who seem to get such signs of appreciation extremely rarely if ever.

Every single one of our thoughts is either lifting up the world level of consciousness, leaving it where it is, or pulling it down! What an awesome realization and wakeup call that is for each one of us. At every single moment of our lives, with every single thought, we can help world consciousness on its onward march!

Will you join me in one of my favorite sports?