Pierre Pradervand blog 01.05.2018“Grace is the completely unexpected goodness of divine Love manifesting itself in our lives, often at the most unexpected moment. Some people call it “miracle” which is a word we use when we do not understand the perfect laws governing the nonmaterial sphere of being.

“I bless myself in my understanding that in a universe completely governed by the law of Love, down to the smallest detail, no humanly engendered changes or events can foil Love’s plan of universal salvation, i.e. complete fulfillment for all and the final triumph of good.”
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In numerous texts over the ages people have shared just amazing experiences which we usually call “miracles”, but in an orderly universe entirely run by divine laws, miracles don’t exist. The term “miracle” simply expresses that something is totally beyond our comprehension. However, it does not happen beyond the confines of the laws that run the universe and our everyday reality. So, the story narrated below does not defy any existing laws, it just defies our extremely limited understanding of reality. Antonio himself, who is a practitioner of a spiritual teaching, Christian Science, that claims that absolutely everything is run by divine law and has an incredible 150-year history of spiritual healing of many so-called “unhealable” diseases, would never claim his experience was a miracle. He would call it the normal functioning of divine law.

My friend Antonio is a spiritual healer in Angola. During the terrible civil war that tore his country for 30 years, he at one time sought to flee the capital that was being attacked by the rebels. He had been praying non-stop for three days. On the outskirts of the city, the truck of civilians he was in was stopped by the rebels, who separated the women and the children from the men; these were taken to a  nearby football ground to be shot. Antonio, who practices the above-mentioned non-dualist spiritual teaching based on the understanding of the complete supremacy of these spiritual laws, was just knowing (not hoping!) that “God, the only Life, was one and all. He was my one and only life, and that of the so-called rebels. This Life, which is One, could not menace itself.” (I am drastically shortening his spiritual affirmations). The officer told his men to shoot but not one bullet came out of the rifles! For 15 minutes the rebels checked their rifles, but not once did a single rifle function, and the officer finally released the civilians saying ‘Deus esta com vosco’ (God is with you).

Pierre Pradervand

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