I wanted to give you some feedback from sharing ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ with a local meditation group. We had an exceptionally large turnout for this discussion. And some people who were present have shared with me their experiences with Blessing:

One woman already has a practice where she reads the basic text each morning to remind herself of her commitment to bless everyone in her life.

A couple who enjoy spirituality and metaphysics have begun buying copies of the book and gifting them to friends and family members. They enjoy seeing people light up in recognition – as they discover this lovely gift.

Another woman told me of her experience driving home late one evening and being followed very closely by another vehicle. The road was dark, the speed fast and she began to worry for her safety – then she remembered the Art of Blessing and began silently sending blessings to the other driver; in moments, the other car had slowed down and the energy of the situation calmed down.
MK ,Louisville, KY