From Inspire Me Today, 9 Apr 2015, by Erin Ramsey

We can choose to grow habits of the mind and the heart that will guide us naturally to love and service. We can blossom through presence and good mental habits to awaken our authentic spirit. Love is the common denominator. Love is the universal energy of the universe. The human condition is enduring. The impact of adversity can be an insidious virus or rich nourishment for our souls. We can choose to use adversity as nourishment to awaken our authentic spirit. Our authentic spirit is our love, which we are, and our service, how we act.

Choose to practice courage.

We can practice courage by doing what we are afraid of doing. We can dream big and realize we are destined for greatness even when we have self-doubt. We can be honest with ourselves and with others about our feelings and what we need. We can reach out with love even when we are afraid of rejection. We can share our gifts and talents even when we think they aren’t good enough. We can believe the universe conspires in our favor even if others tell us differently. We can lean on faith like a flower does the sunshine.

When we practice courage we become more courageous. One act and one thought at a time, we muster bravery to reach to our greatest destiny. Choosing to practice courage is the ultimate unselfish act because we are able to give more when we are brave.

Choose to create joy.

We can create joy with beautiful intention by smiling, laughing, being open to possibilities and saying yes to ourselves and others. We can create joy by being mindful with the moment, understanding that the moment is all there is. We can choose to let the good drown out the bad. We are meant to live joyously. Choosing to create joy is how we let our soul shine; it is our delightfully natural state.

Choose to live in gratitude.

We can have a grateful heart by living in a place of appreciation for everything. We can think about, talk about and write about beautiful moments. Everything can be seen as a blessing when we live in gratitude. choosing to live in gratitude results in a humble and peaceful state of mind where the foundation of our love and service is built.

Choose to be compassionate.

We can choose to see the love in ourselves and others. Remember everybody has a story, including ourselves. We can scatter kindness, refrain from judgment and focus on educating our hearts by caring for ourselves and then for others. Choosing to be compassionate is our tenderness and love in action.

Choose to awaken your authentic spirit.

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