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What if forgiveness were one of the greatest gifts you could ever make to yourself in your lifetime?
With over 50 years professional life experience in over 40 countries of the five continents, including many cultures, Pierre’s views are based more on solid experience than shaky theory or theology. He will share his own experience with a person he initially considered as the greatest oppressor of his existence and now considers a divinely sent
messenger of one of the most precious lessons of his life. Above all, you will be led to understand that once you have made yourself the ultimate gift of truly forgiving yourself absolutely everything – every single missed opportunity, failed relationship, terrible, “unforgivable” mistake, you name it – you cannot harbor resentment towards any single person, being or event of your existence – or even life itself. And you will reach that glorious state where you wake up in the morning knowing that no one can enter your day who could ever need forgiveness, because you have ALREADY forgiven them seventy times seven.`