Guest blogger: Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey is one of the great spiritual teachers of today who has inspired thousands all round the world to turn their spirituality into the real power behind their lives rather than icing on the cake. For instance, it is all too easy to make (create, utter, send out) a nice blessing for the environment and hop into one’s car or an airplane for a trip that is really not necessary or that could be made in another manner. This text is the last blessing of my latest book which has just been released, 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World. I had slightly reworded it to conform to the form of the blessings used throughout this book

July blogMay I not pray for the poor
without working tirelessly to end the systems that thrive on poverty.

May I not pray for the animals
without working hard to end the systems that are slaughtering them.

May I not pray for justice and compassion and the coming of Your kingdom
without being willing to give my life to make them real.

May I be saved from the subtle and lethal hypocrisy that would make me believe I love You
when I risk nothing to make this love real in Your world.

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