“Love itself can only increase by being shared. Extending love ensures its increase. Every loving thought, or every opportunity we take to think, see, feel or act in loving ways, such as forgiving, listening, allowing, accepting, and giving will manifest as Love in our lives. The more Love we give, the more we receive, and it keeps extending infinitely

“The Universal Truth is that anything of real value in this world can only increase by being shared. If we give Love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance, these qualities multiply in ourselves, in our lives and in the lives of the people around us. Whatever the giver gives, he or she receives. Even when the recipient doesn’t seem to notice or acknowledge our gift of unconditional love, we still receive. The act of giving is an infinite one that does not depend on time in order to work its miracles. Never be disheartened if your heartfelt giving appears to be rejected or unnoticed. Always remember that the act of your giving immediately resonates beyond time and space and goes on to create and extend forever. You cannot know just how many people are affected by our one act of giving because it reverberates as Love throughout the Universe. In his took Communion with God, Neale Donald Walsh explains poignantly the miraculous transaction that occurs through practicing the principle that having rests on giving, and not on getting:

“When you know that there is enough, you stop competing with others. You stop competing for love, or money, or sex, or power, or whatever it is you felt there was not enough of.

“The competition is over.
“This alters everything. Now, instead of competing with others t get what you want, you begin to give what you want away. Instead of fighting for more love, you begin giving more love away. Instead of struggling for success, you begin making sure everyone else is successful. Instead of grasping for power, you begin empowering others. … And the wonder of it all is that, as you give, so do you receive. You suddenly have more of whatever you are giving away.

“The reason for this is clear. It has nothing to do with the fact that what you have done is “morally right,” or ‘spiritually enlightened,’ or the ‘will of God.’ It has to do with a simple truth: There is no one else in the room. There is only one of us.”

Excerpts from Take Me to Truth, by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira