With a Cameroonian friend, I was organizing a benefit concert in favor of peasant-farmer groups in Senegal. The concert had been publicized on the radio and in the local press and was to be held in a large auditorium of a Geneva college which was lending it to us free of charge.

However, the technician cum caretaker of the college would have nothing to do with our concert, and the college director informed us that he could not force the technician to work after office hours. So we had to call upon the services of another technician from another college.

Two hours before the concert, my Cameroonian friend and I arrived to see if everything was in order. Upon arriving on stage, we were distressed to discover most of the mikes had been taken away. We went to see the caretaker who was extremely hostile towards us.

At first, I felt anger, but a little voice inside me said, “Pierre, you are not going to resolve this situation with anger. Just bless him.” And while he was talking aggressively to my friend, I just started pouring blessings on him.

Suddenly, between two sentences, his whole face lit up, he went to his laboratory, came back with a whole pile of mikes and wished us a splendid evening. This was how it turned out to be – thanks to the art of blessing!