My friend Mamoudou Kassambara of Mali (W. Africa)is one of the most wonderful persons I have met in my life. A devoted and tolerant moslem, he has adopted blessing as a way of life and witnessed amazing healings among the people he recommended it to.

Here is one of his stories. You will find the another titled Addiction to drugs, alcohol, violence healed

On another occasion, Mamoudou meets the first wife of a polygamous marriage. Assiatou was well in her fifties. As is frequent in his culture, the husband had taken a much younger and sexier bride and was making life for his first wife impossible, beating her up, insulting her. The young bride followed suite very quickly, and Assiatou’s life became a daily hell. She poured out her woes to Mamadou who told her to simply bless them both from the bottom of her heart.

People in Africa who are not members of the Westernized elite are often extremely receptive to new ideas. Assiatou went home and started blessing her partner and co-wife that very evening. The very next morning, her husband came to her and presented his excuses for the way he had been behaving. The new bride followed suite soon after, and now in their neighborhood the two women are given as models of understanding in a polygamous household.