Translated from the German

After a burnout, I had to give up my job as the head of a store belonging to a supermarket chain. With medication, a stay in a clinic and a psychotherapy, I tried to put my life together again, and in the past year I have again been working in a store of the same company.

Constant mood changes brought me very close to a relapse. Depression and negative thoughts again started to control my days. In mid-December 2014 I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, Dr. J. Do you know what he prescribed me? No, not medication which I have stopped taking for quite a time. No, he prescribed two books! The Gentle Art of Blessing and the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

I recently finished both books and could see in them the solution to all my problems…. These books show me a path that I can tread and they give me a new zest for life.

I started blessing everything – even my burnout. Maybe the illness was a sign to me that I should change my life, that I should live more consciously and follow another path. It is an opportunity to reconnect with and experience again happiness and love and above all to share them.

Since I started blessing – and believe me, in my job there are many, many opportunities to bless – the negative thoughts have decreased, the past is no longer so present and I feel better from day to day.
(Urban V., German-speaking Switzerland)