Our November guest blog is reprinted from Luc Bodin’s September newsletter, and we encourage you to visit his site at https://luc-bodin.fr/

Pierre’s note: Luc Bodin is one of those too rare thinkers who think outside the square box of the “system” that always tries to better lock us in mental sardine cans.

What he says about medicine is so fundamental. I grew up as a hypochondriac and overnight, at the age of 33, I made a complete turnaround and adopted such an extraordinarily effective spiritual medicine that during over 30 years I only had to resort to medicine for cases of malaria contracted in Africa, though I was able to overcome the last attacks spiritually without taking any medication.

You too can free yourself from this modern mental slavery to which a whole society is subjected, largely thanks to the huge pharma companies that are making huge profits… at our expense.

So look for an alternative medical system that works for you – with a plethora of options, the choice is yours!


Medicine is making great strides these days. Immunotherapy has transformed the treatment and prognosis of many cancers. Robots are entering operating theatres, replacing surgeons. AI will become a precious help for skin lesion diagnoses (and others) but also for the interpretation of X-rays… The list of these fantastic advances is long as research is going in all directions.

Faced with these technological advances, medicine has become a science in the minds of many. The studies carried out, their repetitiveness and the statistical results may indeed lead one to believe this. However, when a drug is statistically 80% effective in a given indication, medicine cannot say why the other 20% are not therapeutically effective… Not to mention the placebo effect (30% on average of therapeutic actions) which is random and cannot be analyzed or predicted. Especially since there is also a nocebo effect. Why do some patients produce a placebo effect while others react with a nocebo? This is an unpredictable mystery for medicine.

In any case, science will never be able to explain everything. Will it ever be possible to measure love and its intensity? It is unlikely. However, we have all felt its effects without being able to explain it scientifically. This is why, in order to carry out significant studies on health problems, scientific research should also be interested in other sources of information such as feelings, intuition and clairvoyance. Our ancients understood this when they said that medicine was an art.

Modern medicine has other shortcomings as well, and not minor ones. It is only interested in the material aspect of illnesses, neglecting what is around it… that is, the human being. Moreover, it studies efficiently how diseases occur and not why they occur, stopping at the first explanations (germs, pollutants, allergens, immune reactions…) without looking further. The corollary of this observation is that medicine treats but does not heal, because it has not touched the deep origin of the problem. In some situations, it gives the impression of having cured the person, but it is only an appearance. It has blocked the mechanism or even removed the apparent causal agent without going any further. This is how many diseases persist and require constant treatment, and how others disappear but reappear later in one form or another.

The origin of the disease lies in the malaise, the feeling of dissatisfaction or sadness inherent in many people living in this materialistic society. Illness is a messenger of inner suffering. The type of illness and its location symbolically explain its nature. But behind it lies a suffering of the soul because the person is not following the aspirations of his being and is not on his path. Illness is not a punishment… nor a problem… it is a message to be understood in order to make the changes that the inner being requires… These will put the person back on his or her path… the path of happiness that will lead him or her towards the light.

This is why it is never the doctors or therapists who heal the sick. It is the sick people themselves who, by listening to their heart, their intuitions and their feelings, will change their way of life and their way of thinking. Doctors and therapists will accompany and help them on this path.

But beware of the “miracle workers” (more and more numerous today) who heal the body without healing the consciousness and especially without healing the soul…

Luc Bodin

And from Pierre, A Blessing for MDs, from his book 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World

With the advent of modern medicine, especially in the postwar period, the public put MDs on a pedestal – a dangerous position many accepted willingly. But with the arrival of numerous forms of alternative medical care and the growing realization by many that no one else can carry the ultimate responsibility of a person’s health than that person (barring special situations such as e.g., children born with abnormalities and some others), MDs are needing to rapidly adapt to change. At the same time, very encouraging developments have occurred in recent years in the curricula of medical schools which bode well for their ability to adjust to new trends.

We bless MDs in their ability to rediscover their practice first and foremost as a form of public service rather than a comfortable source of income.

We bless them in their ability to not only accept but encourage the demand of a growing number of patients to accept the primary accountability for their own health.

May they learn to resist the constant attempt of the pharmaceutical interests to continually foist on MDs the latest miracle drug in the understanding that lifestyle, one’s thinking and the environment, rather than drugs, are the primary source of health.

May they be led to take the time to truly listen to each patient with deep and genuine care and compassion, realizing that healing the root of a problem may require more than writing out a prescription.

And may all MDs come to discover with humility and gratitude what an increasing number of their colleagues have already realized, namely that in their healing work they are but an instrument of Life and a transparency to its amazing ability to heal all disharmony of any sort.