I believe in the power of blessing and I also use many affirmations but nothing happens with my visualizations. I would like to know how to formulate a blessing as I am looking for employment and in spite of numerous job applications, nothing is happening. So perhaps the way I bless is not correct!
Thank you for your help.

Blessing is not a “trick” that causes something to occur magically in our life.

Rather it is a spiritual approach which affirms the already perfect reality hidden behind the material appearances. It is closely related to gratitude, in fact gratitude and blessing are two sides of the same coin – one implies the other.

In your case I might use the following blessing:
Ï bless myself in my capacity to respond exactly to the needs of my prospective employer. I bless the (universe, God, Source, whatever term you like) in that the perfect job is already waiting for me.

However, the secret of this practice is to really FEEL the truth that you are expressing in words (and that explains why many people fail). You must feel that you already display all the criteria for the perfect job and express thanks for that job which awaits you.