It has been my privilege to travel widely through the five continents of the world in the course of a very active existence. I have met people from all walks of life, from prostitutes to presidents, saints and sinners. I have witnessed incredible poverty, amazing acts of daily heroism (especially from women). I have studied numerous belief systems, religions, philosophies, met those who were certain they were going to save the world and many doing their best to destroy it.

But if I had to mention one single thing which I believe the most important by very very far for, not only the survival, but the harmonious evolution of mankind, it is simply LOVE. And the best place to find it might be in ourselves!

This is what prompted the following short text I use in many of my workshops. It can be used as a meditation, prayer, or spiritual affirmation.

I am love. Love is all I have always been. I am only love, manifesting all that love is. Love constitutes my real identity. “As She/He is, so are we in this world” (I John 4:17) Love is also the identity of all those I meet, whatever the material appearances. Love constitutes the ground of my being, the only law governing my existence. It is the only meaning of my life, freed from all ego.

May love be the point of departure of all my thoughts, my only possible response to any aggression, encounter, fear, event, situation, challenge or joy. May love be the only presence I express, for it is the ultimate reality of my being which it fills entirely, constituting my one and only power. Love constitutes the space of my existence, the very life of my life, its true essence, my only presence.

Love which created me is what I am.

P.S. The ego, the mental realm of the human mind imbued with Cartesian logic, will oppose numerous shrill arguments to these statements. Do not listen to them. Let them simply pass like grey clouds in front of the clear blue sky. Welcome these affirmations with your spiritual sense. Listen to them deeply, from the heart. Fill yourself with their deeper meaning, without filtering them through human concepts.  Just rest in them.  Just BE these words.

Pierre Pradervand

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