by Mara Branscombe*

Comment from Marie T. Russell, co-publisher of The greatest gift we have received is the gift of choice, or what is also known as free will. We can choose to be kind, or not. We can choose to be loving, or not. It’s always our choice. And, the end results of choosing love and joy and kindness are so wonderful, there is no good reason not to choose Love!

Rise up when you catch a glimmer or a whisper of your truth speaking to you. Be brave, bold, and steady, and let spirit come into you like a flash of energy, taking your breath away. Spirit love has no conditions or rules, yet it is infused in respect for all living things on this earth.

When spirit love is deeply integrated and embodied, it pushes you to take action for what you believe in; it shows you how to express it out into the world. Make spirit love your life’s work. Steep it inside your body temple; feed it joy, creativity, and kindness. Practice joy over judgment, creativity over slumbering in the mundane, kindness over criticism.

Observe the surges of spirit-love energy—be a love maker, bridge builder, spirit seeker. Plant your seeds of goodness and beauty every chance you get. Be one with the dark nights and dance with your shadows until they alchemize into compassion and understanding.

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