Hi Everyone. I’d like to share a story which left me flabbergasted. Recently I read the book, The Gentle Art of Blessing. It filled me with love. I already believed lots of the ideas but I never found how to stop someone from doing something wrong in any book I have read…. I am referring to the affirmation, ‘he is the perfect son of God’.

Obviously I wanted to try it out. And I did on some occasions especially when I heard someone gossiping. There were a few times when it worked, but I was not sure. And other times when it did not work.

Then last Friday I had the confirmation that it really works. A woman spoke to me threateningly. As soon as she did, silently I stopped myself from judging her and said, ‘She is the perfect daughter of God.’ And I forgave her immediately. Then with a calmness I never thought I possessed (because in such situations I am frightened), I explained why I acted the way I did (which must have infuriated her). And wonder of wonders it really worked! We talked calmly until everything was settled between us.

Thanks to the Lord and thanks to Pierre!

I kept thinking about this incident, why it worked so quickly. And I came to the conclusion that it worked because I did not judge and forgave her immediately.

Claudine Coreschi – originally shared in The Gentle Art of Blessing Facebook group.

Comment by Pierre: It worked for you, dear Claudine, because there exist spiritual LAWS that are as rigorous and certain as those of physics if one knows how to activate them. However, they have to be felt on the level of the heart (and not on the mental level, which is the level on which most Westerners function 90% of the time). In such cases the result is often instantaneous, as I explain in my Blog (in French) on my website: www.vivreautrement.ch for March 5, 2013.

It was a powerful healing moment of grasping and especially feeling that the law of infinite, cosmic Love was the fundamental law of the universe. The mental level (hence the ego) closed down completely for an indeterminate period of time. During that glorious experience – the most powerful of my whole life – the divine understanding was my consciousness. The dysentry I was suffering from disappeared in a matter of seconds.