The testimony that follows is particularly interesting because it is from someone who rediscovered this practice of  blessing even before she happened to see my interview with Lilou Macé ~ ~
It shows very clearly the three fundamental qualities needed in everyone pursuing a spiritual goal: intention, sincerity, and perseverance

I had had a lot of problems at work.  Each day I would go to work and sob and sob and sob.  On the street,  at home all the time.  My supervisors were cruel with me, retaliating against me because they had abused me, even assaulted me, and I had filed a legal complaint.  The way they were treating me was horrible.  They had been doing this to other employees and I felt strongly that I needed to stand up for it.  But they were about 11 managers against me.

So, one day, at work, I was walking in the street in Washington at lunch time and sobbing once more.  The suffering was too much. I had been praying, taken sessions with modern sages, meditating for hours.  To no avail.  My sorrow was too much.  Each step I had taken to resolve the situation amicably had failed. The law suit would be taking a few years.  I was so discouraged.  And meanwhile, management wanted to push me to suicide or to resign.  They knew they were managers and had the power.  In another instance, they had even pushed an employee in my building to commit suicide.

So, that day in the middle of the street, out of the blue an idea came to me “God I do not care if I win or lose.  I just want to live in peace.  I just want to bless them.”  And from that day, I was so determined, I would put my timer for one hour and use my 105-bead mala (to help me be grounded and focused) and bless by name each manager at work that was hurting me.

Before long and even though my situation is still ongoing, a miracle ensued.  I had been complaining for almost 2 years but nothing was moving.  But all of a sudden after I started to bless them all and my agency, the head of my section that was orchestrating this, they put his deputy above him.  He now reports to his deputy.  This was a public humiliation for him. People were shocked and started to look at me differently.  The biggest miracle is that since I started to bless them, I am able to handle whatever situation presents itself.

The matter is far from being resolved.  They are still trying to retaliate against me and trying to hurt me, but I am handling every situation with peace, constantly blessing them while continuing legal action. I still have periods of insomnia and go through panic attacks, but I am able to weather it all –  as long as I stay in a blessing mode.

I feel that discovering you through Lilou Mace has been an answer to a prayer. To find kindred spirits, a support system for the spiritual direction I want to give to my life.  I pray that one day, this work becomes common place and that people discover the power of blessings.  I feel that I have found my calling.  I would like to dedicate my life to teaching people this.  But of course, after I have mastered this myself.