For 17 years I was a visitor at the local Geneva jail. One day, I was asked to visit a young man who had read the book by Roger McGowen “Messages of Life from Death Row” who speaks at length of the powerful impact on him during one of the most challenging periods of his 25 year stay on death row. He had read Roger’s book three times and shed many tears.

In November 2005, the young man wrote to me: “Pierre, the book is a marvel. It is opening my eyes on many things and brings me great joy and help in my daily life. Since reading your book, “The Gentle Art of Blessing“, I bless all and everything non stop. I have the impression it is bearing fruit and I am so happy about that.

I am going to find a way of having photocopies made of the “The Gentle Art of Blessing text” which is at the beginning of the book and I will distribute it to the maximum number of inmates possible, because if everyone followed what the text states things would change rapidly.”

(This young inmate corresponded for years with Roger on Texas death row). (November 2005)