We live in a world where it appears that in most countries, almost anywhere, anyone can be blown up at any time. Yet many know that spiritual power, if intelligently harnessed, could be a major tool in offsetting this insanity so often due to desperation or hate.

From the deepest wellspring of my heart I bless all the victims of terrorist attacks, their families and friends. I bless those who were killed in their new understanding of why their destiny put them there, just at that moment.

I bless those who were wounded and their families that they may be given the courage and strength to overcome their natural human response of shock, extreme anger or hatred, despair and confusion, and regain their poise and peace. May they learn the lesson that awaits us all in every single challenge we all face at times.

May all those who were involved, either as victims or simple bystanders, summon the clarity enabling them to grant themselves the gift of unconditional, radical forgiveness. May the governments concerned receive the wisdom leading them to attack the root causes of this evil rather than turning to useless revenge or the temptation to counter violence with violence.

And finally, I bless the perpetrators of the attack, whether alive or dead, that they may sincerely repent of their extreme fanaticism and violence and discover that, despite all material appearances, they, too, are children of light – and our brothers.

Pierre Pradervand from https://pierrepradervand.com/365-blessings-to-heal-myself-and-the-world/