By Marie Laure Ferrari

Note: Pierre  reminds us that in non-dualism (vision of the unity of all things, where absolutely ALL is divine, infinite Love expressing itself) the spiritual seeker is already at the top of the mountain and only the fog prevents him from seeing this… so it is about piercing the darkness of ignorance to see (and especially feel) the truth. This non-dualistic vision is wonderfully expressed by Roger McGowen:
“We are what we are looking for,
We are looking for what has not been lost. “

The specialized media, therapists, spiritual guides and all those whom we invite into our lives, encourage us to work on self-awareness.

This requirement “to discover oneself” is a long path, sometimes painful but really wonderful as one learns about Life and gains an understanding of how to live.

There are many ways to achieve this: meditation and other spiritual practices, psychological support, hypnosis, to name but a few. All are valuable tools and can be combined. The most important thing is to find the one that suits you.

This path that you explore step by step is similar to the one you walk in the high mountains and it would be an illusion to think that you will be spared facing any difficulties.

But the mountaineer who climbs near the peaks, in this sublime and sometimes hostile environment, knows that each step is a gift because it brings him closer to the summit. He knows that difficulty is followed by ease and that it brings him moments of joy and fullness. He knows that falling can be part of the experience and that rising is the most beautiful challenge.

He knows that sometimes abandoning is the greatest wisdom at the moment and does not mean resignation but on the contrary the possibility of doing differently and better, nourished by the previous experience.

He feels in his heart of heart that this path is the most beautiful because it is his very own and he DARED to venture there.

He has realized many times that each experience has made him grow, that each imprint left under his crampons brings him closer to his goal. This daring and successful journey gives him self-confidence, appreciation and self-respect.

This mountain top is really every single victory you achieve in this school of Life. There are no small successes, there are only moments of Life when, at times in tragic circumstances, you have touched the most beautiful part of yourself. And that is what enables you to look differently at the Other and his/her journey.

We are all on our way….

“You are not a human being who lives a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being who lives a human experience.” Wayne Dyer