If freedom has any meaning at all, its most vital meaning must be the freedom to think, the freedom to seek, to question, and to discover that which is beyond the horizon of accepted knowledge until we arrive at the goal we are seeking, a goal which is life harmonious, life abundant, life eternal.

Why should we deny that individually that is our goal? Why not be truthful and acknowledge that we are at this point in our study of spiritual wisdom but for one purpose, and that is to seek life eternal, to seek that which will bring peace on earth to all men throughout all time and ensure freedom so that freedom can never again be at the mercy of man? Why not acknowledge that our great hope is that that which is setting us free individually will prove to be what ultimately will embrace the entire world and set it free?

When one person attains spiritual freedom, he attains it for the entire world, even though it may take a century for the demonstration on earth of the fullness and fulfillment of this freedom. It should be the goal of every individual who has been turned by the grace of God to the spiritual path, therefore, to seek and to search until he arrives, because if only one of us accomplishes this, it will set in motion that which will free the entire world.

Source: The Consciousness of Omnipresence, Page 76, Joel S. Goldsmith