by Luc Bodin

Many are wondering about their life path which is a good question. It is not always easy to answer them. However, one thing is common to all missions, it is to experience love, to live love, to radiate love during this existence. If you don’t know which direction to take in life, start by developing love … love in all its forms: love of self, love of nature, love of one’s job, love of his loved ones, the love of humanity, etc.

When we are in love we are well and happy. If we make our choices, if we make our decisions, in a spirit of love, everything becomes simple. Problems disappear and harmony comes.

Love is a unique feeling that is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It allows us to raise our vibration and thus open our mind and our consciousness. It nourishes our soul and brings us to high and even spiritual considerations. 

Materiality gradually fades and the true meaning of life appears.

Live Love

It is not always easy to live in love. We must start by wanting it and registering it in our mind as a new paradigm. Over time, this decision will infuse our consciousness. and in our being to become an art of living. Then, it is appropriate to place love in our thoughts, in our words and in our actions.

This process is done slowly with regular relapses… It is possible to start with simple things like integrity, which is an important value, then there is fairness, altruism, sharing, understanding, non- judgment, tolerance, empathy and compassion… which are attitudes that lead to love

You have to understand that being in love at the level of your heart is good. But if this is not accompanied by actions in daily life, it does not mean much.

Luc Bodin
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