Real Love does not change. It exists independently of the form through which it expresses. The Source of this eternal, omnipresent, formless Love is within you. This is where your faith must be placed, for this love is as certain as anything you will ever know. And once it is firmly established in your heart, you will never need to look for happiness outside of yourself.

People will come and go in your life. Some people will treat you well. Others will treat you unkindly. You will accept the love that is there and see lack of love for what it is: a cry for help from one who is hurting. You will encourage others to find the Source of love within as you did, knowing fully that you cannot fix their little problems. The tragedy of their lives can only be addressed by their willingness to look within their own hearts and minds.

One who loves without conditions places no limit on his freedom nor on anyone else’s.  He does not try to keep love, for to try to keep it is to lose it. Love is a gift that must constantly be given as it is asked for in each situation. And the giver always knows when and to whom the gift is to be given.

There is nothing complicated about the act of love. It only becomes complicated when one starts to withhold love, and then it ceases to be love that one offers.

One who loves unconditionally does not love in degrees or with strings attached. He does not search for someone special to love. He loves everyone who stands before him. One person is no more worthy or unworthy of his love than another. This is the kind of love that is being born in you now, my brother and sister. This is the kind of love that I offer you and that I ask you to extend to others… Love takes no hostages. It makes no bargains It is not compromised by fear. Indeed, where love is present, fear and its myriad conditions cannot be.

Excerpt from Love Without Condition, Reflections of the Christ Mind,
by Paul Ferrini, pages 56/7