White House Nov 2018 blog“PIerre, you must be losing your mind!”

“Hey, man, you are going soft in the head!”

“What, you expect me to not only put up with, or stop hating, but LOVE the present tenant of the White House?”

No, in fact I don’t expect anything from anyone (when I am in a sane state of mind). I just wish to share an experience.

The very day Donald Trump announced he would be running for the White House, I started blessing him – because I believe any public figure needs to be supported, rather than criticized or torn down. After all, we put them into power (at least in the more democratic countries of the world).

Since he became president, his decisions and behavior have shocked and deeply alienated probably a majority of US citizens, certainly most of his allies abroad, and many others. These feelings of rejection, even hatred, are like a huge wall of cement which makes it very difficult for him to change his stance. Blessings, on the other hand, are like drills that pierce the cement wall so that some fresh air (metaphorically speaking) and love may reach him – for that is the only things that will enable Mr. Trump to change his positions.

And I wish to make it clear that politically, I am at the antipode of everything he stands for and expresses. But that is not the point.  Spirituality and blessing operate on a completely different level. They do not analyze a human situation, but tune into the divine, non-material plane of existence where all is already harmony, perfection and unconditional love. So, I bless Donald Trump every day – alongside Mr. Putin, President Assad of Syria (considered by many the worst criminal of the 21st century) and President Kim of North Korea. And I can really say I feel authentic love for Donald Trump. And if the old Aramaic version of the second commandment is true (« Love your neighbor who IS yourself ») could it even be otherwise? On the level of a non-dual spirituality, you are me and I am you because we are simply both expressions of infinite Love in action, waves on the same ocean.

However, this kind of blessing is on a level of deep, deep listening and also FEELING. A blessing that is not felt in the heart has absolutely no healing impact. It just remains words – as so many so-called « prayers » in most religious practices around the world.

When George Bush Jr. was governor of Texas, putting to death more people than any other president in US History, (although his successor did far, far « better ») it took me three years to bless him with totally sincerity and feeling.

So, just persevere. As the US metaphysician of the 19th century, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote « A deep sincerity is sure of success, for God takes care of it.»

Persevere. Your success is CERTAIN.

Pierre Pradervand
November 1, 2018

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Comments –

Pierre is so correct about this. Just look at what the opposite does. The more we vilify or hate “the other side” the stronger their conviction and greater their resistance to hear us. The harder someone pushes against me the harder I will push back. We need not to stoop to the easy emotions of anger and hate but rise up and love, listen, and live by example. I can say this, see this, but I struggle every day to do this.
Paul Freeman

Thank you for this strong reminder that blessing our most despised leaders is a necessary and do-able thing with healing for US. We can do it and it is on another plane of divine Love.

Pierre’s words are like a tonic water urgently needed for the current “indigestion” suffered by the current Politicians, not only the USA, but so many other nations as well!
What I hear in Pierre’s wisdom is a truth all humaity must understand. The relationship between Good and Evil (as it is taught by the great ancient traditions such as the Christianity of the Essenes and the I CHING ) is this……
“Evil fights Good and Evil fights Evil.
Good curbs Evil while advancing Good.”
Put another way, there is no such thing as “Good vs Evil”, there is only “Evil vs Evil”.
Ed Schulte

“Bless them who curse you; do good to them who despitefully use you… “. And “Perfect love casts out fear” plus “I believe; help thou my unbelief”.  When grappling with injustice there are many examples of love covering a multitude of sin. With blessing and trusting (God, The Universe, Great Spirit,  Higher Self) things do go in a better direction. Thank you for sharing and loving even against your own conviction. When caring for patients and seeing them as me,  it was a revelation of our one humanity and in unity the oneness of all life and existence. Beautiful blessings on you!”