I am sharing a new message from Mamoudou which emphasizes the importance of blessing. Mamoudou is a teacher in Mali who, besides his teaching activities, has founded an NGO called Prométhée which has done an absolutely exceptional job in rural areas of the Mopti region. However, for several years now the region has been the victim of constant attacks by jihadists rebels who escape capture by government troops totally overwhelmed by an enemy who is infinitely nimbler, shows up anywhere and then disappears. The jihadists take on the poorest people, such as peasant women returning from market who are ambushed and robbed of the little they earned, to name just one example of the ravages they inflict. PP

“I think the only truly worthwhile activity remains the practice of blessing because in this period of uncertainty and anguish we are going through, it is the one and only true tool for any of us. Blessing helps prevent ills and heals them, even anticipating them! It is a permanent solace and consolation! Besides God, it remains the only solid hope. Give us blessings – we need them since none of us can say that we are or will remain safe from jihadist evildoers and their cohorts. Nobody can say with certainty that he will live one more hour because of the jihadists and the unimaginable ambushes they plan each time. We feel that the security situation keeps getting worse day by day.”