May you let
your thought sweetly rest
on whomever comes to consciousness,
without the slightest judgment,
or need for them to be different
in any way.

May you find
the quiet humility
to love them as they are right now,
and just for this moment,
may you feel
that this is enough.

May you include
In this Christlike embrace,
The one for you right now
That may be hardest to love.
This may be
the most precious gift
you have ever given
(and he or she has ever received).

May you know
that others’ yearning hearts
are sending you this same gift,
even if their words and actions
don’t match up.

May you accept
that all hearts are forever united
as One.

Sanford C. Wilder from his book Listening to Grace, by permission

Image – Unsplash – Bart La Rue