The following text by Marianne Williamson, one of the leading spiritual figures of the North American scene, replaces the French translation of the text by Nasata La on love.

We consider the following lines among the most important a person on the spiritual path can cherish. They reflect a boundless confidence in the ultimate goodness and tender care of the Principle running this whole show called “the universe”, “my life”, you name it. Just rest on these lines and the total trust they express. Pierre has scotched them to his computer where he sees them daily. They are especially appropriate for a website on blessing!

Nothing about your material circumstances has the power to stop the engine of cosmic intention that you be blessed. And you are blessed “eternally,” which means moment after moment after moment. In any instant, regardless of what has happened in the past, the universe has arranged and is continuing to arrange infinite possibilities for you to prosper.

It might offend your sense of “realism” to believe this. Surely, things can’t be that good. And yet they are. The universe is programmed to manifest, through you, the highest possibilities for your creativity and joy. And that will never ever change. God is intent on your deliverance from all forms of bondage to the freedom of unlimited love.