Excerpted from Simple Keys to a Fuller Life by Fred Burks

Many Forms of Guidance

Guidance comes in many forms. Family or friends may give wonderful words of wisdom in dealing with a particular problem or situation. An inspiring book, video, or program might provide meaningful advice. All of this guidance can be useful, particularly if it helps to support our desire to choose what’s best. The most powerful guidance, however, often comes from sources unseen. By opening to guidance from the divine, we open to the support of powerful forces greater than ourselves, which can help our lives to grow and blossom ever more beautifully.

Many Meanings for Divine

The divine has different meanings to different people. For some, the divine means God, Creator, Jehovah, Allah, Great Spirit, or whatever we call the supreme consciousness or all encompassing essence of the universe. For others, the divine involves the realm of our forefathers or ancestors. For some it is the spirits of nature or spirits from other realms. Still others believe that each of us has one or more guardian angels, that we all have a guiding spirit or spirits to help us along the way. Some people believe in all of these.

Yet even if you don’t believe in any of the above, you might open to the possibility that there is a very wise part of yourself – a higher self or a deeper self – which can provide you with divine guidance from within.

How we define or view the divine is not important here. What is important is that we open to this divine presence, however we choose to define it, and that we consciously invite this powerful guidance into our daily lives.

I will open to guidance from the divine.

Many Ways to Ask

There are many ways to ask for divine guidance. You may already have your own meaningful prayer or meditation practice. You may want to experiment with different ways you hear about, read about, or come up with yourself. Choose whatever way feels best to you.

One beautiful practice is to set aside a few minutes each morning upon awakening. First, reaffirm your commitment to do what’s best for yourself and for all in your life this day. Then, ask directly to the divine for guidance in making choices that are best for all involved throughout the coming day. You might also welcome wisdom and guidance from any angels, deceased relatives and friends, or other spirits committed to what’s best. You can do the same at bedtime every night, setting aside time to ask for guidance during your sleep and dream time.

Any time during the day when you need to make a significant decision, or you just want to calm or center yourself, stop for a moment. Take time to ask the divine for help, guidance, and inspiration in choosing what’s best for you and for all of us.

All Requests Only if it’s Best

In communicating with the divine, you might at times request or pray for a particular result. When you ask for something specific, by ending with “only if this is what’s best,” you open to a higher level of guidance. There are times when in asking for something, you may feel certain that you know what’s best. Yet there can be unforeseen consequences or reasons why what you’re asking for is not what’s best. By always adding, “only if this is what’s best,” you allow divine forces to enrich your life and the lives of those around you in unexpected ways.

Challenges as Teachers

There are times when what’s best is not what’s easiest or most enjoyable. Sometimes unwanted challenges, difficult situations, and even pain can teach us important lessons that in the long run will help us to enjoy life more fully. When we accept all experiences as gifts from the divine and opportunities for growth and understanding, we open to a deeper level of divine guidance.

Atheists Can Benefit, Too

Even if you are uncertain whether God or the divine exists, give this key a try. You might be surprised at what happens, particularly if you are open to change and growth in your life. The results may not always be what you hoped for or expected, but in the long run you are likely to find your life becoming much richer, fuller, and more satisfying.

By opening to divine guidance in all things and asking for guidance in choosing what’s best, we invite loving, supportive forces greater than ourselves to help bring whatever is best into our lives and the lives of those around us.