I received this message from a dear friend in one of the tormented areas of the world – a region of Mali where warring rebels and Jihadists have created for years tremendous turmoil and suffering for the local populations, already among the poorest on the globe. I know of no one else anywhere who picked up the practice of blessing with such enthusiasm and has had such amazing results among the people with whom he shared it as my friend Mahmoudou.
(Comment by Pierre)

In addition I shall never stop thanking you for the greatest spiritual happiness you bestowed on me in teaching me the art of blessing. If today I am still safe and sound, it is thanks to practicing blessing at all times: while walking, talking; in silence, in joy as in sadness; midst a crowd as well as in solitude. In the face of danger, of extreme violence as well as in confronting death or life in all its manifestations!

Certainly all the people who keep practicing blessing continue confirming the efficacy of blessing, because since 2012, as you know, we are facing a terrible crisis as a result of the occupation in northern Mali by the jihadists and bandits armed with weapons of all kinds. Currently, this crisis with all its resulting insecurity has moved to the center of the country (notably all around Mopti) as well as to the south. Even bordering nations such as Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Niger are no longer spared by the same armed rebels. And I swear that without this powerful tool, blessing, nobody would feel safe.

Blessing on a daily basis is what saves us and will continue to save us, God willing. This is why we shall never cease to thank you and to bless you, dear friend!