When I’m hungry, when I’m starving, lead me to someone who needs food.

When I am thirsty, send me someone who needs water.

When I am cold, send me someone I can give warmth to.

When I am hurt, give me someone to console.

When my cross becomes heavy, give me the cross of someone else to share.

When I am poor, lead me to someone in need.

When I do not have time, give me someone that I can help for a moment.

When I am humiliated, give me someone I will want to praise.

When I am discouraged, send me someone who needs my encouragement.

When I need the understanding of others, give me someone who needs mine.

When I need to be taken care of, send me someone who needs my care.

When I think only of myself, turn my thoughts to others.

Attributed to Mother Theresa

Source: Mother Teresa …  www.lespasseurs.com