No one is asking you to completely neglect the material life in order to devote yourself solely to meditation and prayer, as some mystics or ascetics who wanted to flee the world, its temptations and difficulties, did. But to allow yourself to be monopolized by material concerns, as more and more humans are doing, is not good either. All of you must be able to work, earn money, get married, start a family, but at the same time to have a light and working methods in order to advance on the path of evolution.

The question, therefore, is how to develop both the spiritual and the material side: to be in the world but to be able to live a heavenly life at the same time. That must be your goal. Of course, it’s difficult, because you’re still at the point where, if you plunge into the spiritual life, you put your business in jeopardy and if you advance your business, you’re letting go of the spiritual life. No, you need both, and you can do both. How can you do it? Well, whatever you do, start by saying to yourself, “I’m looking for light, I’m looking for love, I’m looking for true power, will I get them by doing this or that? “Think about it, and if you see that a certain concern, a certain activity takes you away from your ideal, then give it up.

So, from now on work towards beautifying your life, sanctifying it. You will soon feel it: this life which is pure, which is harmonious, will reach other regions where it will act on a multitude of other entities who will then come to inspire and help you.

Source : Règles d’or pour la vie quotidienne, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (our translation)