“In this age of instant, easy communication, many of us are just bombarded with numerous often excellent opportunities to join this or that global meditation. However, choosing in this mass of opportunities is a bit like choosing fruits in a huge supermarket specialized in fruits from everywhere. While this text refer to one specific global event, we feel the grounded common sense and serenity of this text might help many readers. Isabelle is a dear friend who has travelled all over Europe for one year interviewing people who express unique joy and often manifest it in original ways.” Pierre Pradervand

World meditation, for or against?

Simon Migaj – Unsplash

A lot of questions arose around this world meditation on Sunday, April 5, 2020 in which we were all invited to participate…

My answer is simple: let each one act according to his/her beliefs and values. Personally, I have let go of any will to change anything in my reality and that of others. As long as I am not myself in a state of Samadhi (awakening), I do not want to add a layer of chaos to the organization of the world by suggesting directions and intentions when  I have no idea of their impact, however positive they may be. If we spent our time picking up little children who fall, would they ever learn to walk? By wanting to direct the future of the world with my thoughts, noble though they are, I am once again letting my personality and my ego govern me instead of letting the soul of the world work within me. There is a Tibetan saying: “One drop of curdled milk makes all the milk go sour!” Therefore, I will not pray against the coronavirus and the current crisis, but I will certainly pray for peace and love.

I will not pray against this time of insecurity we are going through. What do we know about what is cosmically good and the intelligence of Life? Can we know whether life is not recovering thanks to the Coronavirus and the crisis we are traversing? What do we know about the balancing and calibrating games of the laws of Creation, in which I have full confidence? Why not learn to see beyond appearances? Maybe then nothing would become unbearable?

At the same time, I salute everyone’s desire to participate in this collective effort of global meditation. But I will remain alert and watch the space from which I pray:   is it a space of fear, or of love?   I will stick to my personal wishes for healing and harmony without imposing on the community my interpretation what is “good” for humankind and the planet.  In any case, meditation or not, it is all right as the universal consciousness manifests itself through each one of us.  “There are those will meditate to change the world and those who gather together in ‘non-meditation’, a vessel of joy, love and light” said one of my friends. Others will ask that wisdom and divinity dwell in the heart of each one. All is well.

For my part, on April 5  I meditated at dawn in silence with a joyful heart, then I returned to  my inner routine which is to savor all the small acts of my daily life: the beauty that is offered to me here and there by encounters with someone, a stream or a cloud, the fellowship with my friends, consciously and lovingly transmuting my resentments, doubts or anger when they emerge in me, and simply by loving unconditionally without any particular plan or intention. Without wanting to save the world. Just letting life flow through me like the flow and ebb of the waves on the shore. Like a breath. My prayer is in all the daily little steps I take in this life…and even in the stumbles that come my way!

Isabelle Bourgeois