For thousands of years, humanity disposed of very limited amounts of information. Whatever understanding people had of the world came from the tribal elders, members of the extended family and other close sources of information.  How things have changed!

I refer you to my two previous blogs on the mind-boggling advances in the dissemination of information that have occurred since that can be found here and here.


Today the number of topics on which a modern citizen needs to be informed is growing exponentially. I’ll mention a few examples:

  • UN warning about six tipping points that will have global impact 
  • Continuing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East
  • Widely diverging medical opinions on vaccination and other treatments
  • Huge increases in migration with vastly different opinion on how to manage this
  • National elections in some 50 countries in 2024 amidst a divisive political climate.
  • Increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, and we could go on.

So, if you are confused, or feel a little overwhelmed, I would suggest you go to a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, and ask for guidance from the Infinite Mind, the Great Spirit, divine Love (or what some still call God). It will rarely come immediately, and might even take some time, but it will come. Just trust. This Infinite Mind not only has all the replies, but is infinitely patient, understands your needs, fears and doubts and loves you beyond anything you could start imagining.

The confusion will (maybe slowly) disappear, replaced by the most wonderful and healing, comforting TRUST.

Pierre Pradervand
February 2024

P.S. A mystic and spiritual teacher of the last century, Joel S. Goldsmith, stated in one of his lectures: “Most people are primarily concerned with themselves, and after themselves, with their family, and after their family with their business or profession; but as they rise in spiritual consciousness, the problems of their community and those of their nation become important to them, and the higher they rise spiritually, the more keenly are they aware of world problems.”

And he suggested that people daily set aside three periods of meditation for the world. And that, of course, includes blessing.