guyfinley.orgIn this life, in any given moment, in one way or another (and more or less as you imagined), you will receive what you asked for… Do not doubt it.

As a result, learn how to monitor your requests because nothing that was designed or created here below can satisfy your soul except the Creator who shaped it from Himself.

Denying the daily proof of your existence does not change the reality: emptiness speaks louder than stubbornness. So, redefine your priorities based on these discoveries.

Dare to put aside all relationships other than those which reveal what is essential to the desire of your soul.

Then, and only then, what you will ask for in this world will be the essential relationship for which you have been created and for which you are destined:

When God is all you know, see, and hope to ask for; when that is your only aspiration, you will not ask for anything else.

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