“As God* becomes a reality and we become consciously one with It, It guides every step of our experience.  It supplies us.  It draws to us all that we need in the world–right friendships, right family relationships, right supply, right activity, right books, right associations – everything that is necessary to advance our cultural and spiritual welfare and provide us with greater opportunity to be of service to the world.  I have a deep conviction that, for the first time in the history of the entire world, spiritual power is going to play a part in human affairs.”

Source: Joel S. Goldsmith, from Conscious Union with God. Chapter 13: Mysticism, Page 175

(GAB Note:  If the word “God” doesn’t speak to you, please use Source, Love, the Infinite, Great Spirit, Krishna, or any other synonyms for the divine that are meaningful to you)

Blessing for a Rapid Awakening of World Consciousness

Our world is in dire straits, to say the least. A visionary like Andrew Harvey, the founder of the sacred activism movement, even speaks of the apocalyptic times we are living. Yes, there are occasional outbursts on the environmental side but at the same time in the same newspaper or news bulletin, the governments of the countries concerned rejoice that the rate of economic growth is expanding, i.e. that we are consuming always more. Time to wake up, friends!

We bless our fellow citizens on this planet that they may awaken to the fact that the house is on fire and that, as a race, we are facing unprecedented challenges to our survival.

May we become really conscious of the accumulation of dangers in key areas of existence: the environment, huge and still growing gaps between the rich and the poor, the risk of tens of millions of citizens in threatened areas migrating to Europe or elsewhere, the survival of numerous species, and so many other threats that require our concerned attention and involvement.

May we have the courage to challenge the powers that be that, faced with the huge difficulties of today’s world, they take more than purely symbolic or dilatory measures and that our mainline media face the hard facts rather than continue serving us soporific doses of entertainment and juicy scandals – not exactly the urgent call to action we are in so dire need of.

May we have the deep desire to seek guidance as to what each of us can do as a person co-responsible for the survival of the planet.

And we bless ourselves in our integrity and vision that our concrete commitment to action may be daily more aligned with our words and beliefs.

Pierre Pradervand, from https://pierrepradervand.com/365-blessings-to-heal-myself-and-the-world/