On my way to visiting a friend who lived close to Lausanne (Switzerland), I boarded the train in Geneva on a Saturday, and left my small rucksack on the seat nearest to the carriage exit while I went to the toilet. I returned less than two minutes later – no bag!  It had simply vanished.

Immediately, I started blessing the thief – in his integrity, his abundance (because if one steals, one is evidently suffering from a belief on lack), his goodness, his uprightness – all the qualities his behavior seemed to belie. I did that till I felt true peace of mind.

On Monday, I decided to purchase a new bag, as I used it every day, and replace the old, quasi paleolithic electric razor I should have replaced years before as even its grid was broken and it scratched my skin each time I shaved. Despite going to three different large stores, I did not find the desired bag. Monday evening, a small businessman who had a shop near the station phoned me to tell me he had found my bag on a dump. He was even kind enough to bring it to my home – I live quite far out of Geneva. The only missing thing was a toothbrush and toothpaste!

For months after the incident, I would bless the thief as I shaved with my wonderful new electric razor, so gentle it felt almost like a woman was caressing my cheeks!