As of the beginning of this year, 2019, Sweden has completed its energy transition while France and a good number of countries are struggling to achieve theirs.

Since 2015 Sweden has been part of the UN Transforming Our World project and their reforms have allowed the development of energy sources capable of making the country autonomous while avoiding Greenhouse Gas emissions.

This was possible thanks to a rare collaboration between the government and windmill manufacturers. In Sweden close to 2700 windmill construction projects were launched in 2018.

One of the main impacts will be that the price of electricity will fall, to the delight of the country’s citizens.

Other good news: Scotland also succeeded in supplying its daily energy needs solely with windmills and in the Netherlands 100% of trains run from now on using windmill energy. In the last four years, Costa Rica has generated 98.53% of its electricity from renewable sources. Today, nearly two-thirds of the energy consumed by Switzerland is produced from renewable sources.

Source : (Our translation)