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A healing of depression

Healing of depression

Pierre Pradervand There are ways out of the trap of depression—ways that avoid the slippery road of becoming heavily dependent on drugs. I found such a way, and it taught me some of the most useful lessons I’ve learned in my life. In the 1980s, I started having extreme attacks of depression. They were accompanied by…

Decluttering Your Mind

Sept 2018 blog

Guest blog by Sandy Wilder One reason so many of us struggle with making progress and experiencing freedom, is that we are so identified with our minds that we often confuse our mind with our identity. Your mind is one of your faculties, but it is not who you are. It does not have the…

A Poem on Identity

A Poem on Identity

by Doris Peel, an American poetess (Appeared in the Christian Science Monitor of Dec. 31, 1960) Daily I am His delight Daily He rejoices in His handiwork – All fresh, all bright All wrought from elemental light To be what He beholds as me. His song sung out in world this day ! His theme…