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How a nightmare childhood inspired one-of-a-kind gifts

Foster care

“I bless children in foster care, that the challenges of their past weigh not unduly on their future. I bless  the  hosting  families that they may welcome their foster child with gentleness, deep compassion and caring and an understanding of their special needs.” Pierre Pradervand, from https://pierrepradervand.com/365-blessings-to-heal-myself-and-the-world/ On any given day, there are nearly 437,500…

When the Rich Invest in Racial Equity

When the Rich Invest in Racial Equity

 “The non-dual spirituality of today is necessarily service-oriented. If my neighbor is myself, I cannot just state this in front of my private altar and let it stay there. If spirituality is worth its salt, it will be concerned with some form of active service to the world. Together, we will heal this world or destroy…

Making a Difference in Senegal

Amy Yee

Summary of an article by Amy Yee, Correspondent, CS Monitor, July 20, 2017 Two dozen men and women sit in a circle at a training center an hour’s drive from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. They are Muslim teachers, religious leaders, and community heads from Ghana and Nigeria who are participating in a workshop offered…