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A link between blessing and healing?

April 2019 blog

Blessing, in the meaning used on this site and in books* I have written on the practice of blessing, often results in healing.  A perusal of the section on healing testimonies shows that numerous healings or resolutions of “impossible” situations have occurred through this practice:  including a severe depression; very difficult relationships; being freed from…

LOVING Donald Trump

White House Nov 2018 blog

“PIerre, you must be losing your mind!” “Hey, man, you are going soft in the head!” “What, you expect me to not only put up with, or stop hating, but LOVE the present tenant of the White House?” No, in fact I don’t expect anything from anyone (when I am in a sane state of…

A New Spirituality

A New Spirituality

“We need a new consciousness, and we need to act differently. Instead of revenge we need to practice forgiveness, instead of all-out competition, we need embracing love, and in place of looking for our own advantage in every situation, we need to embrace everyone concerned – and do so unconditionally…. We need to embrace the…