“THANK YOU” - the only prayer we will ever need!The medieval thinker, writer and teacher Meister Eckhart is one of the very rare non-dual Christian theologians in 2000 years. He has inspired thousands over the years. He once made the amazing statement (to those who imagine that God is a kind of father Christmas up there on the top floor who grants their prayers ONLY to those who have been good girls and boys): “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

For over 20 years, I have been accompanying an Afro-American man who has been in prison for 31 years, including 25 years on Texas death row – which is practically the end stop on the road to hell – for a crime we know with absolute certainty he did not commit. After a few years of corresponding with him, his letters were so amazing I decided I should publish them. (Messages of Life from Death Row available only on Amazon). In 2006, I decided I needed to form an international support group to help me in the process of getting a new trial. I already had around $70,000 donated by enthusiastic readers of the book. We hired a lawyer who requested $150,000 for the first two years, and gave us six months to raise the funds.

I decided to base my spiritual approach on Jesus’ statement that we should believe we have already received what we are requesting, and it will be manifested – possibly the first ever clear, concise formulation of the law of manifestation. In other words, he is saying: give thanks for what you are asking for it is already here. So, I started simply giving thanks every day that the money was already in tour bank account, and feeling the joy I would feel when I could tell our international support group we had the needed funds.

From one day to another, the little trickle of funds I had started receiving from readers of the book turned into a river. Two acquaintances gave me $10,000 just after I had mentioned what I was doing, without me even asking them for the funds. I received letters from elderly grandmothers saying they lived off an extremely modest pension but were happy to donate what they could. And in three months instead of six, the needed $80,000 were found. Today, I know that if I had asked for $300,000 (or even more) we would have received them. And practically from one day to another the donations returned to their former trickle once the requested sum had been received.

Wayne Dyer, the well-known (now deceased) teacher of personal development made the powerful statement that abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune in to. The limits we create in all areas of life will be real to us until we learn to step beyond them!

Thank you, Universe, for that challenging truth!

Pierre Pradervand

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