Excerpt from – Awakening Mystical Consciousness, 
Chapter 1 
By Joel S. Goldsmith

The life of God is my life and yours; the soul of God is my soul and yours; the Spirit of God is my spirit and yours; the very selfhood of God is my selfhood and your selfhood, and that means we are one in spiritual sonship. Anything that benefits me must benefit you; anything that harms me must harm you, for we are one. Anything I do that is a blessing to me must be a blessing to you; and anything that is a blessing to you must be a blessing to me, for we are one.

If I do anything destructive to you, I am doing it to myself, for there is but one. If I do anything of a withholding nature, I am not withholding from you; I am withholding from me. If I do anything destructive, I am not destroying you; I am destroying me, for we are one. We often wonder why we are paying the penalty of sickness, sin, or poverty, not realizing what we have done to humanity.

In the world, there is only one way of doing and that is by deeds. The world does its good and it does its evil by deeds, but that is not true of you or me. Even if we refrained from evil deeds, it would not be enough. Even if we did good deeds, it would not be enough. Paul said if we did all the good on earth but had not love, it would be nothing.

So it is that good deeds are not enough for us. Refraining from evil deeds is not enough. We must go one step further and bear no false witness against our neighbor. Silently and secretly, we must realize that God is the life of every individual, whether or not he or she knows it and lives by it. The very moment we begin to know the truth that God is the life of everyone, that God’s grace is sufficient unto all people everywhere, when we begin to pray for those who are wrecking this world – pray that the grace of God open their soul and consciousness to the truth of being, pray that the light of God touch their darkened consciousness, pray that everyone be an instrument through which God can freely operate – then and then only do you and I begin to “die daily” to the human ways of life and experience a rebirth as children of God who no longer have to take thought for their life, but who now live by Grace.

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