For generations, a nation of world servants has, little by little, been building up everywhere. In fact, it has existed as an embryo for far longer, but in the past 30-40 years it has been manifesting itself in a much more concrete manner. It is made up of this invisible yet ever more active network of people who, all round the world, put loyalty to the human race as a whole far beyond much narrower loyalties, be they national, tribal, ethnic, racial loyalties, or loyalty to a class, sex, religion, etc.

The concept itself was coined for the first time in 1938 by the British historian and writer Hugh J. Schonfield who even proposed a nation which would have a legal entity without any attachment to a territory. We can borrow the concept itself – which I personally find very beautiful and meaningful – without it being necessary to give it any concrete existence outside of human consciousness – because it is on the level of consciousness that the future of the human race is being played out.

Why would we not reply, when asked what our nationality is, “I belong to the servant-nation”? It would be a great opportunity to get involved in a fruitful discussion on the need to transcend all limiting identifications with specific religions, nations, races, classes, etc. And if we are further requested to outline what we mean by this concept, we can explain that it refers to a non-definable yet omnipresent group of people who, everywhere, put the well-being of the whole race and the planet above all other loyalties.

When you bless all and everyone without distinction – humans, animals, the environment – you are reinforcing, on the spiritual level, this servant-nation and the building of the New Earth which is being erected every day a little more. This servant-nation is the principal albeit invisible agent behind the construction of “a world that works for all.” Such a world is the sine qua non condition of our survival on this planet, for without it, the world as we know it will soon no longer function for anyone.

Pierre Pradervand