Probably no other period in human history has experienced such a rapid and generalized collapse of convictions and beliefs as ours, and in practically all areas: from medicine to religion, from the sciences to spirituality, from nationalism to dietary prescriptions… you name it. In practically all sectors, everything is constantly put into question. This is not easy to put up with, be it for parents or teachers trying to educate young people who, thanks to internet, know more than they do in a variety of fields, or the MD whose patient expresses surprise that he is not aware of such-and-such a new medical technique or therapy.

Among the reasons for this one can mention the growing educational level of the world population (progressive elimination of illiteracy), the extraordinary speed of change, scientific discoveries that are ever more rapidly put into question, not to mention medical treatments. One can also mention the incredible expansion of world travel which puts us into contact with so many cultures and ways of living, the increase of democracy and the collapse of the main authoritarian systems on the planet (Stalin, Mao, Franco, Fidel Castro and many others), the increase of a very extreme and ego-centered individualism. And above all internet, which enables one to disseminate new experiences or ideas worldwide in a fraction of a second.

But the very positive aspect of this situation, at least for the sincere spiritual seeker, is that each one has to plunge their roots deep within themselves in the search for their divine Selfhood instead of seeking to get answers from spiritual texts or gurus, even if these can be of great assistance in the beginning. Sooner or later, spiritual seekers will discover that they have to depend on themselves, and no one else, that they have to find their own way with the support of their inner guide. The key words here are sincerity and perseverance. I have the deep conviction that those who are totally sincere, if they hang in there through life’s worst tsunamis, will ultimately win. And they will discover that, unbeknownst to themselves, they were accompanied all along the way.

A few years ago I crossed one of these tsunamis that swept away absolutely everything “solid” in my life: my marriage, my health, my workshops (and hence my income) and finally a spiritual path of 40 years of which I was totally positive that it was the very best one could find in this field! (Speaking of spiritual pride … which comes before the fall!) I just did not see how I could ever get out of the deep, dark valley in which I was encased with granitic walls reaching to the sky, or so it seemed.) But I hung in there… and finally I pulled through, stronger than before, and especially no longer dependent on the “spiritual authorities” which, somewhere, marvellously simplified my life (to my detriment!). And I discovered the assurance that I will never, ever be alone. In those wonderful words of The Old Testament, “I shall send an angel to guard you on your way and take you to the place I have prepared.”

Yes, my friend, heave a great sigh of relief. You are not alone, And the final result is already guaranteed!

Pierre Pradervand

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