Gentle inward gazeThat so gifted, sensitive Irish writer John O’Donohue once wrote this moving statement:

“Let there be gentleness in your gaze when you look within”.

So many of us can sometimes be so tough with ourselves.

Yet the incredible, divine, unconditionally loving Being which runs this amazing show called “the universe” of which we are in the front seats, sees in every single reader of this blog – every single one, no exceptions of any sort – only the beauty and perfection it created. So next time you are inclined to say, “Oh you ….. (expletive, expletive and … !)” why not BLESS yourself in your good qualities and the opposite of what you are angry with yourself about.

Remember that the most important sentence in The Gentle Art of Blessing text is the PS: “And of course, above all, do not forget to bless the utterly beautiful person YOU are”.

I suggest you look once more at the amazing little video by Jane Young on this website ( The whole video is infused with such a wonderful sense of gentleness which is the very essence of the practice of blessing. Don’t analyze. Just FEEL IT.

Sandy Wilder, the genial founder of the Unlearning Institute of Grafton, Illinois, through his daily brief meditations that you can receive via email  has become a true spiritual teacher for me. He shared a text called Decluttering Your Mind  (March 3, 2018) which has become one of my main spiritual tools. (With his kind permission it will be our very next blog) in which he states that we have become so identified with our minds that we too often confuse our mind with our identity.

So next time your mind pushes you to be extra tough with yourself (e.g. for losing your temper or making an unkind remark) ask yourself “Is this divine Love talking to me?” Then smile and gently bless yourself in your serenity or your kindness.

And remember, through you, divine Love is blessing Itself – because it knows there is no separation!

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