Today we attended an organ concert at a local church. The organist, a young virtuoso, announced before intermission that he was having trouble with his right hand but was planning to continue the concert anyhow. He asked the audience to “lift him up in prayer.” Right then I started sending abundant blessings to him and everyone in the audience. After intermission, he did seem to be struggling a little with his hand. I just continued to shower him with blessings that his hand should be strong and agile. He played the entire rest of the program, the last piece of which was a tour de force for the right hand. Whew! But then he came back for an encore! Completely unexpected. And he played an arrangement of Amazing Grace that kept both hands, but of course especially the right, extremely busy. It was so powerful! I don’t know of course but like to think that my ongoing blessings helped him deliver this spectacular performance.
Betty Cherniak