From Holy Rascals by Rabbi Rami Shapiro, with permission

ICE CREAMWalk into an ice cream shop and order a scoop of ice cream. The clerk will ask which flavor ice cream you prefer, but you don’t want a flavor, you want ice cream. The clerk is stymied. Of all the flavors on the menu, “ice cream” isn’t one of them. You can order chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or rum raisin, but you can’t order ice cream. It is the same with God.

Walk into any temple, synagogue, church, or mosque and ask for God, and you will be introduced to the flavor of God that that temple, synagogue, church, or mosque offers. When you explain that you aren’t interested in a flavor of God, but rather God alone, the cleric will be stymied.

No House of God offers you God, only flavors of God: YHVH, Allah, the Trinity, The Mother, Brahman, Dharmakaya, Spirit, and dozens of others – but you cannot have just God.

What the holy rascals want is just God. Just G comes with no label, no organization, no hierarchy, no theology, no book, no magi, and no promise. Just God doesn’t take sides, choose peoples, save some, and damn others. Just God is simply the Happening happening as all happening.

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