Only recently have we been discovering the extent to which we are all connected through a network which is infinitely more efficient and far-reaching that the entire world’s social media and all the Facebook pages all put together: namely, an infinite Mind.  One of the fathers of alternative medicine in the USA, who is also one of the great contemporary American thinkers, wrote a book simply called One Mind.  He promotes a notion that is not really new since it was already put forward by an American metaphysician, Mary Baker Eddy, in the mid-19th century – except that the concept was at the time too advanced for many people to grasp.

Times have changed, and an astonishing increase of concurring data makes it ever more clear that there exists a collective dimension of consciousness which would explains phenomena as diverse as telepathy; long-distance healing  (I myself, while living in Africa,   experienced an almost instantaneous  healing of a serious condition thanks to the help of a spiritual healer in Boston, MA); mass movements of birds or fish; communication with animals and with those diseased; near death experiences; premonitions and so many other phenomena that open-minded people can no longer deny.

To me, one of the most fascinating and above all encouraging element related to our survival as a species is the realization that any progress made, any victory achieved on the personal level impacts at the same time the entire human race. The alcoholic who succeeds in breaking the vicious cycle of recurring binges that destroy him helps simultaneously all those who struggle with the same proclivity. When you overcome your feelings of jealousy or your greed, you help all those who grapple with these problems. Each time you get over a prejudice connected with an old behavior, you raise the level of world consciousness. Perhaps only by a micron however, put together with millions of others who make the same effort, this allows us to move forward as a race.

And each time I conquer a fear of lack in whatever form, I help all of humanity to vanquish this Number One false belief – the belief in lack: lack of time, money, abilities, contacts, work, health, strength, intelligence, love or goodness, etc.  Our race wallows in a feeling of lack and yet we live in a universe of infinite abundance, for real wealth, whatever the kind, is born of an idea and not of matter or material resources.

This realization is fabulous and gives us tremendous hope because it totally eliminates categories. There are neither hells nor private paradises any longer.  SOMEWHERE WE ARE ALL ONE. My struggle is everyone’s struggle, and everyone’s struggle is also mine.

Pierre Pradervand

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